L'Anniversaire de l'Art program 2020


Friday the 17th of January at ten in the morning alarm clocks rang in concert at HOK Gallery, the tiniest gallery of The Hague, The Netherlands. From that moment on Fluxus artist Bob Lens was connected to the world to celebrate Art's 1.000.057th birthday. 

10:00             convivial opening

10:30             Fluxus morning exercise

11:00-12:00    Lunch bags performance

12:00-13:00    first postal round

14:00             room for free                                        performances

15:00             Bob Lens holds audience

16:00-17:00    second postal round

17:30-18:30    cheese fondue

15:00             alarm clocks concert by

                     Bob Lens and vernissage
                     of Bob Lens's expo                                  Individual Situations

22:00             last postal round 

Photo's by Bertus Gerssen